Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring into the Summer!

     This year, semester has been really great in this class. I really appreciate all the fun, discipline and educational criticism that can help us be better teachers. The experience was real and great! Thank you very much Professor Luongo! :)

Lesson Plan Reflection ... Over due

This is over due since I'm so overwhelmed with finals and things (kids do NOT procrastinate lol) but I can finally whine down some things; its crunch time!

     My reflection of the lesson wasnt so bad. It went has plans but at times Raymond and I had to stick a few free handed things; and that is normal because not every single detail will be mentioned in the Lesson Plan. This just really as me excited for the actual real deal! 
     We got together a few times and prepared by getting everything math related together and choosing what we could really lay out for the class in general to learn But as time came close and after seeing a few lessons we decided to change a couple of things the night before. We also learned that as well is normal because you can sleep and wake up with a totally new idea(s). 
     For the behavior plan we specifically mentioned basics such as no calling out, raise your hand, stay in seat, etc. It worked due to the class being more cooperative then expected. We didnt have every behavior but went with the flow calmly when they (the behavior) showed in the class.
     Objective was Students will be able to complete the order of operations (in Algebra). Explains itself, right? Assessments were, classwork, looking while they do worksheets, mini quiz, and homework that will be graded.
       As i mentioned a bit before, the lesson plan was closely executed exactly as written. Sometimes it may not go as planned at all; but thats when Plan B could come into place. The most important thing i tried to teach the student was that it takes practice to succeed at anything even if your gifted and talented. Which is why we did so many problems, to practice. 
     What Professor Luongo taught me which was very important, is that reading the directions is a big deal, especially for the readers and can improve the skills of the non-readers. (Thank You!) It went well, i think because the "students" were able to recall what they have done in the past and be were able to slowly but surely complete the work correctly. 
     I learned from the students that being thorough is very essential. From a teachers point of view, i already understand the material, but from their point of view they are learning and i have to keep that in mind. If we had more time, something i would have done differently is have more students come up to do the problems. Its a different story when you work at the desk and the board.  
     The lesson could have been more effective by adding a game or two. I think i need to improve more in reading and speaking louder as a student mentioned in the reflection sheet thoroughly completing a Lesson Plan. Overall this was a great experience. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Digital Story - Self Reflection

The making of this digital story, which was my first time, was very interesting to put together. Overall it was fun and a great experience. It added another aspect of teaching and in addition, a way to communicate with the students.
In the process of making this fun digital story, my partner, Raymond, and I came up with some inter sting ideas but we had to "tone it down" due to the limited resources and time we had. Getting in touch with each other was some what difficult only because of our clashing time schedules. However, as time crunched down, we automatically had to sacrifice some time. The people that were involved, excluding Raymond and I, were friendly and compliant. The filmer for example, did not want to be in the video.
All in all, it was a fantastic project and I am looking forward on doing this again pretty soon! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Digital Story - Day 1 (conclusion)

By the time class was ending. My partner and I put some ideas together for our digital story. They were pretty funny yet a lesson was learned. Hopefully, we can make it come out as interesting as it sounds! :)

Digital Story - Day 1

My partner, Raymond, and I are math majors. We are looking forward to working together for the digital story. It sounds very fun and we have interesting ideas. Hopefully, we can get them organized on paper to create a nice "flowy" digital story. :)